The Dental Clinic

Complete and individualized care for adults & kids

Dental Clinic of dentists Ilias Theocharopoulos & Lamprini Boltsi, in Mykonos provide services in the field of general and cosmetic dentistry, thus meeting the needs not only of the island’s residents but also of its visitors from around the world.

Ilias Theocharopoulos and Lamprini Boltsi, along with their partners, aim at providing a complete and individualized care for children and adults, in order to ensure oral and dental health, as well as a beautiful and healthy smile.

In the modern, fully equipped premises of the dental clinic, the most modern methods and techniques of dental treatment are implemented, which ensure the effective treatment of any disease and problem, offering long-lasting results. We also have the possibility to take digital panoramic x-rays, as well as cephalometric x-rays.

Book your appointment at Dental Clinic Theocharopoulos-Boltsi in Mykonos, enjoy your stay in the island and leave with the most beautiful smile!

Mykonos Dental Clinic
Digital Panoramic X-Ray / Cephalometric X-Ray

Our clinic features a Digital Panoramic X-Ray, which is a very important & useful diagnostic tool in dentistry.

Panoramic X-ray has a high diagnostic value for a clinician. It provides the best diagnostic test, carried out separately, giving so much information about the patient’s teeth and oral tissue condition.

Prevention is better than cure!

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