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What is Dental Tourism & why choose it?
Why should I do tooth whitening? Is it a safe procedure and for how long does its result last?

Dental Health & Beautiful Smile

Now, it is important not only to have healthy teeth and a functional denture, but a bright and beautiful smile as well. The last one is achieved through the procedure of tooth whitening, which is always safe, provided that it is performed and guided by a dentist. Through this procedure, we can quickly and without pain acquire the desired result, which can last long, if the dentist’s services are followed.

What is gingivitis and how can I deal with it?
What is periodontitis?
How can I prevent caries and how can I treat it?
Which toothbrush should I use and how should I brush my teeth?
Why do I feel pain when changing from cold to hot or the opposite?
How can I treat bad breath?
How often should I visit the dentist?
Does the oral health influences my general health?
Should I use mouthwash?

Prevention is better than cure!

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